Old Joe Clark

Traditional  (basic tune version)

Key of A (Mixolydian) – 4/4 time

Cross harp – 2nd position


Part A


A                                                                             G               (alternate chording)

A                                                                             E               (standard chording)

8o  8*  9o  8*  8o  7*  7o –       |       8o  8*  9o  8*  8o ---


A                                                                  G         A               (alternate chording)

A                                                                  E         A               (standard chording)

8o  8*  9o  8*  8o  7*  7o –       |       6*  7o  6o  5o  6* ---




Part B


A                                                              G                              (alternate chording)

A                                                              G                              (standard chording)

6* -  6* -  8o 7* 7o -    |      6* -   7o  6*  5o ---


A                                                     G         A                            (alternate chording)

A                                                     G         A                            (standard chording)

6* -  6* -  8o 7* 7o -    |      6*  7o  6o  5o  6* ---




Common Tune Pattern:  AA BB







Tab key:   o č  draw                                                                                           arranged for harmonica by Cara Cooke

                 * č  blow

                 - č  hold note

Each number indicates the hole on the harmonica.

Each number/play-direction combination or dash indicates a beat so that the time can be simply counted.

Parentheses indicate “pick-up notes” which are not required for the basic tune, but may make it interesting.

(Pick-up notes steal their time from the notes around them, making them a little shorter.  Fit them in where you can.)

The “|” indicates a break in the phrase for reading ease.  The individual lines are broken at the end of the phrase.